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Sonntag, Januar 29, 2006
The Man with the Million Dollar Coiffure

On the occasion of presenting the new David Lynch Foundation For Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace a Q&A took place at the Cutler Majestic Theatre, Emerson College, Boston, MA, on Saturday October 1, 2005 (wmv 67Mb).

A young guy, black hair, somewhat hispanic, is next in line to submit his question to the renowned filmmaker and founding father.
Ah--, I know this question probably be, aah, interesting to no one than myself, so-- I apologize in advance for that, but I'm promising askin' on behalf of my father. Aah--
I know that you were a-, eh, are you frequented the Bob's Big Boy restaurant - ...?


... in, ahem, ..., that's a two-part-question, mh: first off (laughter in the audience, slightly embarrassed smile of the guy at the microphone): approximately what year would this had been?, I know you went there for a long time ...

It would be (--it would be ... (the guy echoing, tryin' to soften his being embarrassed)) in the mid-seventies (-- mid-seventies ...) to the ... (hesitating, apparently trying really hard - putting the techniques of Transcendental Meditation by now familiar to him to some good use - to remember correctly) early eighties ... in the eighties

... and this would be the second part--: would this be the one in Hollywood, or ...--

I went to pretty much, ah, every Bob's Big Boy ...
Audience laughing, Lynch smiling.

The only reason I ask, my father used to, ah, work at the Bob's Big Boy in Hollywood and ...


I mentioned something to him that I read about you ...

Yeah, I was probably in his ... his Bob's--

It's very possible, so--- that's all I need to know, thank you.
Waving good-bye, while standing back from the microphone.

Lynch smiling wholeheartedly, touched.

For the legend of Bob's Big Boy,
please click the image above.