new filmkritik

Donnerstag, April 20, 2006
Clip- und Kurzfilm-Hinweis

Um die Zeit zwischen "Napoleon Dynamite" und "Nacho Libre" zu überbrücken: Some Jared Hess-Stuff: der Kurzfilm "peluca" und ein Clip für den Song "We will become silhouettes" (The Postal Service).

"Peluca was a short movie I did at film school, kind of to showcase what I wanted to do with the feature film. And we shot for around $500 on black and white 16mm. At the time I was casting the short film, I just couldn't find anybody I felt was genuine enough to play the main character, and then I remembered Jon Heder from one of my film classes, struck up a conversation with him about the character, what i wanted to do and we just hit it off right away. He understood the character very well and was able to be very authentic and bring him to life. Jon basically plays the same character in the short as he does in the feature. The short's nine minutes long, and it's more of a day in the life of the main character, and from there it just kind of grew."