new filmkritik

Donnerstag, Januar 08, 2004
Movie Mutations
"Some of the early chapters, such as the dialogues with Abbas Kiarostami in Chicago in 1998 and with Shigehiko Hasumi in Tokyo in 1999, followed by various email exchanges between others over the next three years, were generated specifically for the book, while some others – such as Kent's essay on Tsai Ming-liang, pieces of mine about the Rotterdam Film Festival and The Circle, and your own reflections about international musicals – were initiated independently of the book, but then became integral parts of it by suggesting new yet related avenues to follow."

Jonathan Rosenbaum und Adrian Martin im Gespräch, das den ersten Teil eines gemeinsamen Buches über das internationale Kino oder genauer: die neue Wahrnehmung des internationalen Kinos ausmacht.