new filmkritik

Mittwoch, Juni 18, 2003
Kinotipp Berlin, Donnerstag, 19.6., Arsenal, 19:00

Reihe Text und Film, Mike Holboom kombiniert Marguerite Duras ("La Pute de la côte normande") und Apichatpong Weerasethakuls "Mysterious Object at Noon", über den Jonathan Rosenbaum schreibt:

The entire film is a heady mix of fiction and nonfiction, with fantasy and actuality rubbing shoulders at every stage, and what emerges from the collective unconscious of the participants is surprising and fascinating. Weerasethakul packages his findings in diverse and inventive ways: as an improvised outdoor musical performance, as a game played by school children, as a collaborative description in sign by two teenage deaf-mutes. I can't think of another film remotely like it. (hier)

Weerasethakuls zweiter Film - "Blissfully yours" - war einer der schönsten des letzten Jahres (mehr dazu, von mir, hier)